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Title: Coming Home
Pairings: Kanesaki Kentarou x Yagami Ren, Kubota Yuki, Hosogai Kei
Rating: PG-13

Were you unfaithful? )

When he touched down in Narita Airport, Japan, Yagami Ren was greeted with a blast of warm wind. It would've been cold, really, but having spent his last week in Seattle, it wasn't that cold, compared to the weather in America. He collected his luggage, chatting gleefully with Hosogai Kei and laughing at the antics they'd been up to.


He grinned at the box of stuff he had bought, lugging it off the conveyor belt while Kei waited for his own cardboard box, piling it onto the trolley they had with them. He smiled at it – he couldn't wait to open it, he'd bought so much, in America, but it was all worth it.


Let's go?” Kei asked, huffing as he shrugged his coat off. The weather here was really mild compared to Seattle, and while others were huddling with their jackets, the duo felt warm in their coats.


Yagami gave him a thumbs up, and pushed the trolley out to the arrival section, where fangirls who noticed them screamed, but left them alone for the most part, seeing as they both were pushing trolleys and looked almost dead on their feet, after their 11 hour flight.


He turned a corner, slightly disappointed when no one came to him, when strong arms wrapped around him from behind and lips brushed against the back of his neck. “Ren, I missed you...”


Grinning widely, he spun round in the embrace of the other, in a private, more quiet place of the airport. Hardly anyone came to this corner except the staff, so they were free of fans and any reporters that might be lurking. From the corner of his eye, he could see Kei wrapped in the arms of another, as well, but he turned his attention to the man currently holding him.


Tadaima, Kentarou,” He whispered, nuzzling the neck of the other. “Missed you too.”


Kanesaki smiled, one hand buried in his lover's hair and the other wrapped around his waist. “Okaeri, Ren. Did you have fun in America?”


Nodding, while still brushing his lips across Kanesaki's neck, Yagami murmured, “A lot. I snowboarded there, it it was awesome.”


Knowing how much his lover liked to snowboard, Kanesaki laughed, and glanced at the snowboard that was attached to Yagami's luggage. It was worn, but he knew how attached it to Yagami was, and so had never dared to buy a new one for him, even though he had always been tempted to.


Were you unfaithful, when you were in America?” Kanesaki teased.


Chuckling, Yagami bit down on Kanesaki's neck, sucking the flesh between his teeth and leaving a mark. “I think Kei knows that I have a very possessive lover,” He answered, laughing, “And I know that Kei has an equally possessive one, judging by what they're doing right now.”


Kanesaki looked up to see Kubota Yuki pressing Hosogai Kei into the trolley, almost toppling their luggage, and showing how much they had missed each other. He grinned widely, then turned back to Yagami, who leaned up for a kiss, although it seemed chaste compared to the other two's kiss.


When they broke apart, Kanesaki dived down for another, lips parting and tongue attacking, the hand in Yagami's hair tightening its grip, knowing how much that turned his lover on. Yagami gasped, tilting his head backwards, kissing back with equal ferocity, then surrendered and melted into Kanesaki's embrace.


Mm,” Kanesaki said between their lips parting and meeting, “Let's go home, Ren.”


Yagami, noticing how his lover's arousal pressed into his hip, nodded, “Let's.”


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